real mint, real flavour


connie gregson

by connie gregson , friendly head of r+d at hello products


mint is a friendly, leafy, and aromatic herb that humans have been cultivating for centuries. it grows in a wide variety of environments and, if left to its own devices, it’s been known to spread out over large areas (all you gardeners out there know what we’re talkin’ about). as a flavouring, it has a way of showing up in everything from mojitos to mouthwash. let’s take a mo-mint to talk about this powerful herb and why it belongs in your toothpaste.

different mints

mint is actually the broad name used when referring to over a dozen different species of plants. this #mintsquad includes long time favourites such as spearmint and peppermint, as well as lesser-known but flavourful sounding types like apple mint, banana mint, and orange mint. generally though, peppermint and spearmint continue to be the two most common types of mint used in toothpaste, mouthwash and other breath fresheners.

artificial mint vs. natural mint

despite what your mum used to say, most people do want you to get fresh with them – at least in the context of breath – and mint makes your mouth feel super fresh. this cool sensation (and unique scent) is provided by the menthol found in natural mint.

it’s important to note that seeing “mint” printed on a product label doesn’t always mean you’re getting the real deal. natural mint flavour is derived from plant sources and can offer the breath-freshening benefits that we waxed poetic about earlier. artificial mint? it’s assembled in a lab environment and may not contain all of the components that are found in natural mint flavour.

here at hello, we’re ada-mint you’ll love our minty fresh toothpastes and mouthwashes. we’ve crafted them to be as naturally friendly as possible while using thoughtfully-sourced ingredients. our mint-flavoured goodies include a healthy helping of peppermint oil that’s been derived from free-range mint grown in a real field, and in our case, we mean a real field owned and operated by real awesome north american mint farmers. 

we have a good feeling that great taste is something we’ve both got in common, so scoop up a tube of hello toothpaste and join the movemint (sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves).